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Frecks & Specs
Quality Percy Fanfic & Art
FIC: The Grandfather Clock, PG-13, Percy/James Jr UST 
11th-Feb-2009 09:39 pm
I has a fic!

Title: The Grandfather Clock
Author: floweringjudas, or Laura
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Percy/James UST, James/?, Percy/?
Word Count: ~24,200 (IN A WEEK. my braaaain, ow)
Summary: James Jr wants a summer job, his Mum suggests he help out Uncle Perce. This turns out to be simultaneously the best and worst idea ever, for all parties concerned.

Quote: "Y'know, intensely wonderful person though I am, it's not really that heart-warming to think that my halfarsed attempts at getting m'leg over have only inspired my victims to make sweeping changes in their lives. ...And start dating other people."

"It's not exactly the norm, no. Most saints just...I dunno, cry tears of blood, or get beheaded."

"There's always next summer, I suppose."

Warnings: okay, so...nothing really happens on the whole incest-front except a chaste kiss, but it's still there. James is 16, there's swearing, the Potter Family being loving but vaguely dysfunctional, etc etc.
Author's Notes: So months ago, emiime gave me a drabble prompt for Percy/James. ...I, uh. This happened instead.

( The house itself was, of course, all tidiness and minimalism and tasteful decorations..." )
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