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Percy Ignatius Weasley, Sex on Legs
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Welcome to frecksandspecs, a new comm for quality Percy fic and art. Basically, we think there needs to be a central comm specifically for fic/art, as opposed to a general comm for Percy fans. We also think it should be invite only, in the style of other "elite" fic comms, such as pornish_pixies or serpentinelion, if only so this comm may serve as an archive of top-notch Percy fic. Your friendly, Percy-obsessed mods, nqdonne, floweringjudas and emiime are still figuring things out, so things may change around a bit.

Please friend the comm if you'd like to follow the fic and art that is posted here. Membership (and therefore posting access) is currently open to only those whom we invite, but anybody can watch the comm - and we really want all Percy fic/art fans to gather here! So please friend us, and tell your friends!

Slash, het and gen are welcome, though full disclosure: your mods are slash fiends :D But good Percy fic is good Percy fic, and if we've invited you to join, it's because we love how you write him! So please post away - we'd love to see things you've written in the past, as well as anything you write from now on. We're hoping this will be your first stop after hp_springsmut or percy_ficathon reveals, as a secondary place to showcase your Percy fic.

We have loose plans to do things like writing challenges and a holiday fantasy fest in the future, so keep your eye out for that. It will, of course, depend in part on how enthusiastic our writers are, and how bogged down we all are by writing for the Percy Ficathon *cough*.

The layout template is from justaddlayouts.

We'd like to thank lizardspots for designing our header art at three in the morning on the whim of one of our mods. He's so very pretty and thanks for letting us use him :D ♥♥♥